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2016 Annual Meeting

Details of our 2016 meeting, supported by the British Ecological Society Forest Ecology Group:

Date: 19 March 2016

PiedFly.Net is a citizen science project monitoring breeding woodland birds and woodland phenology. The network provides data collected to many science projects including the BTO Nest Record Scheme, Track a Tree and university and NGO research groups right across Europe, and also undertakes its own research. Each year the network holds a one day meeting shortly before the bird breeding season, the only occasion when all the monitors involved come together. The meeting is designed to provide feedback to monitors on the previous seasons results putting them in a long-term context, highlight new ways in which their data can be collected, submitted or used, and to show how their data is being used in scientific work. The meeting aims to increase members awareness of woodland ecology more generally. The 2016 meeting includes talks from visiting guest speakers Will Kirby (RSPB, Hawfinch declines), Bob Harris (formation of national study group and integrating data from north west England), Sophie Bell (PiedFly.Net, geolocators and provisioning rates) and Malcolm Burgess.

Time: 11-3

Location: Wooda Farm, Devon Wildlife Trust Centre, Doddiscombeleigh, Devon